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  • Oh Bless'd Broken Me


    Oh, Bless’d Broken Me is a poetry and photo collection that highlights the hardships and struggles that contribute to an individual’s realization and understanding of themself. Those hardships can take many forms—lack of identity, unrequited love, ...

  • Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams

    Inspired by Navajo Culture and Folklore by

    Winter is coming, but the little black bear, Lump Lump, isn’t ready to go to sleep! With the help of his mother, the wise Blue Bird, and his forest friends, Lump Lump gathers materials for Spider Woman to weave him a blanket of dreams. Inspired by ...

  • Hummingbirds

    Volume One by

    Some of the poems will make you laugh, some will bring tears of joy and some sobs of sadness. Some will titillate you, some will cause pause. Some may make you wish they were not true. You may be humbled by some or angered. But you will think, ...

  • Breath of our Ancestors

    Quotes and Sayings by

    At the dawn of time there were… …the Gitxsan who uttered the first words, told the first stories and sang the first songs. They gave description and order to the culture and handed it down through the ages. It was woven down from my ancestors to ...