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  • The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy

    Gambling, Drama, and the Unexpected by

    WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, BIRNAM WOOD COMES TO DUNSINANE HILL The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy presents a profoundly original theory of drama that speaks to modern audiences living in an increasingly volatile world driven by artificial ...

  • The Gootesnooters


    The Gootesnooter story is fiction but with lessons. The Gootesnooter play is an easy read, in particular as a closet drama, which is a play better understood by reading; and/or as a play, script fashion, in two parts for either two short plays or ...

  • Christmas Skits for Middle School Years

    Enrichment for Grades 5, 6 and 7 by

    There’s an atmosphere of generosity, celebration and inclusion; and no one event in a school embodies the spirit of the season more than the Christmas pageant. The eight skits in this book are meant to enrich the education experience for the ...