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  • They Don't Pay Me To Say No

    My Life in Film and Television Props by

    Props are integral to the success of any movie or TV show. Weapons, books, newspapers, eyeglasses, military gear, medical equipment—virtually anything that a character holds, reads, uses, or shoots on screen is provided by the props department. The ...

  • Don't F*ck Up Your No Budget Movie!

    Inexpensive Filmmaking In This Content-Hungry Age by

    Don't F*ck Up Your No-Budget Movie! 1. Plan Backward 2. Target Audience and Marketing 3. Distribution 4. Film Festivals 5. Locations 6. Editing 7. Sound 8. Color & Vex 9. Casting 10. Crew 11. Budget & Financing 12. A Script You Can Afford 13. Shoot ...

  • Shanghai Cuts

    A Hollywood Film Editor's Misadventures in China by

    Shanghai Cuts (A Hollywood Film Editor’s Misadventures in China) is a first-person account of a film editor working on a television production in Shanghai. Divided from his family in the midst of a crisis, Rick connects with an eclectic cast of ...

  • Sailor Moon Reflections

    The inside story of the original recordings of the English version of Sailor Moon by

    The work of a voice artist isn't necessarily what it may seem to the viewer or listener. It is a craft that is learned through intense study and practice. The cast of Sailor Moon were paragons of this art form and reveal their techniques in ...