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  • The Music In Me


    Fred Parry lives in Southern Ontario. He is a lover of people and a collector of stories, music, wisdom, and grandchildren. His newspaper column, Music in Me, can be found in 'The New Hamburg Independent' Metroland Media.

  • Finding My Groove

    Life, Love, & Lyrics by

    “Lyrics have been the poetry of my life.” A former disc jockey who has “lived, worked, and played in every corner” of Vancouver Island, recounts in this absorbing memoir the livelihoods, lessons, and loves of several generations of working people in ...

  • Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life

    An Unbelievably Simple, Proven Path to Rapid, Remarkable Change by

    Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life is a game-changer! It uses simple, proven techniques grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rapidly move you beyond limiting thoughts, fears, negative emotions and destructive ...

  • The Transcendence


    By turns moving and reflective, playful and wise, The Transcendence explores the spiritual growth of Holland Millar; an intellectual man whose life, along with the lives of his family and friends, takes the reader on a journey of inspiration and ...

  • Every Evening Comes the Moon

    Awakening through the Darkness of the Separate Self by

    Brian takes us on a journey into the paradox of the human condition, to the depths of human suffering, where there exists the transformational healing opportunity of waking up to the essence of who we are. This is described in many contemplative ...

  • As We Are Creation


    Like a gentle rain falling on parched earth, this is poetry to nourish the soul. As We Are Creation brings together reflections on the natural world and our inner reality to reveal the spiritual essence of existence. As Barrette relates in “Your ...

  • One Cup at a Time

    Finding Coffee, Love, and Happiness by

    Is there anything that can match the pure pleasure of sitting at a café watching life go by? Assuming you have a cup of coffee in hand, that is! Coffee, that lovely elixir of life, has provided stimulation, solace, and socialization around the world ...

  • When Soul Appears


    After a painful confrontation with a Senior Pastor, his associate, the Rev. Al McGee, dealt with it by exclaiming the unsayable: “I don’t believe!” And thus began a wrestling match with the Divine. Al was struggling with God. Arguing with God. ...

  • Chasing Shadows


    In Chasing Shadows, Toronto writers Adi Dasgupta, Kishan Baskaran, and Jamil Shamji invite you to explore dark places through verse and rhyme. This poetry anthology attempts to break down walls and find safe spaces in forgotten communities to be ...

  • My Anchor of Hope

    A Journey of Restoration Redemption and Freedom by

    “From the time I was a young child on into adulthood, my heart and spirit have been wounded, my rights violated, my future threatened, and my performance not accepted. I grew up believing that I was unlovable. My identity was distorted.” How can ...