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  • Briar Cottage

    Summers in a Town called Gimli by

    The story is a memoir. It’s a slice of history—the story of Gimli, Manitoba—come to life. There’s the mystique of rail travel; there’s rafting on the pond; there’s swimming at the harbour. There’s dancing to the Men of Note. There are bonfires and ...

  • Return of the Wild


    RETURN OF THE WILD is a story of people who journey to the Parry Sound, Muskoka and Algonquin Park regions where the wilderness takes some visitors to itself and reveals life beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. The spiritual presence in the wild ...

  • Eagle Cap Wilderness Plant Guide


    The Eagle Cap Wilderness area, located in the Wallowa Mountains of northeastern Oregon, consists of 360,000 acres filled with amazing landscapes, natural beauty, and a dazzling array of plants and wildflowers. The Eagle Cap Wilderness Plant Guide is ...