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  • Scapulothoracic Assessment in Three Simple Steps

    Unique Three Dimensional Approach by

    Sometimes, a ‘winging scapula’ reveals a disabling scapulothoracic condition. Sometimes it does not. Often, despite no observable winging, debilitating scapulothoracic conditions go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. This “shoulder” problem is poorly ...

  • Mending Nerves

    An Empathetic Journey with Multiple Sclerosis by

    EVERYTHING THAT HE THOUGHT would happen could no longer happen. His failing physical abilities reminded him while his eyes affirmed this truth. Or so he thought. Mending Nerves follows the journey of Lobio, a seasoned physiotherapist working ...

  • Read My Hips!

    Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, or Back Pain? Time to Check your Alignment! by

    “I feel twisted”, “I look crooked in the mirror”, “My problems have been going on for years”, “I have tried every kind of treatment” are commonly heard statements. Whether you have complaints or not, it’s time to look at your body alignment, given ...