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  • The Time Machine and the Domaine

    Origins and Functions of Imaginative Literature by

    Why have so many cultures created what we call imaginative literature in the past, and still do? What prompts so many people to read literature? And how are we to understand the economy that links these producers and consumers? These and related ...

  • The Poetry


    This book was written about Chris Stafford’s thoughts with a hand from God. Chris’ family was involved with the reading of this book and thought it would be nice to be published so others could read it.

  • A Parade of Dreams

    Poetry Illustrated with Photographs by

    A Parade of Dreams: Poetry Illustrated with Photographs is a collection of poetry divided by form into ten parts. The work is a lifelong dream made possible through the surplus of “free time” enforced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It ...

  • A Bloody Song

    How Anime and Literature Collide by

    Growing up in a fractious household in working-class Brooklyn, my mother dreamt of living in France, of experiencing “civilization.” As for myself, molded by the gloomy obsessions of the adults around me, I sought refuge as a child in a Japanese ...

  • What Is Shakespeare?


    At the heart of this book written by the renowned American actor, Ted van Griethuysen, is a fundamental idea: Shakespeare is only what he says and how he says it. How he says it, of course, is poetry, and what poetry is, why we need it, is central ...

  • The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy

    Gambling, Drama, and the Unexpected by

    WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, BIRNAM WOOD COMES TO DUNSINANE HILL The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy presents a profoundly original theory of drama that speaks to modern audiences living in an increasingly volatile world driven by artificial ...

  • Transformational Images


    Transformational Images is replete with messages of hope and the possibilities for life’s marvelous changes. Dr. Adeleri Onisegun was inspired by observations of dynamic personal growth, community challenges, and changing yet unwavering family ...

  • Mars Greening


    Human colonies have been established on Mars, after the first manned mission inadvertently began to terraform it. Young Tony Rust, a geosurveyor in the New Europa colony, has made a curious discovery, which at first glance seems to be of little ...

  • Unpredictable Observations


    Within these pages are the trail markings of a leader finding himself and uncovering his wisdom. You may hear the fine voice whisper as you read, sharing kindness with your spirit, and music with your temple.

  • So You Think You Can Think

    Thinking through moral dilemmas in pursuit of justice by

    In our complex world, how can we learn to think through moral dilemmas in the pursuit of justice? How do the words we associate with morality impact our understanding and application of it? In short, how can we enact equal measures of fairness among ...