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  • Fairwynd


    A tale of good winning over evil. It tells how much the Father God loves His children and the sacrifice He makes for them. It will make you laugh in places and cry in others. It is a delightful read. If you liked the Lion, the Witch, and the ...

  • The Unicorn

    An Historical Fantasy by

    A little horse in prehistoric times is transformed into a mythical being—a Unicorn—by a blue light that emanates from a crater on the moon, remnant of an Ancient Civilisation. Blessed with unusual powers of travel across countries and continents, ...

  • Pastor Mike's Accidental Outreach Into Time And Space

    Book One by

    In a future where humans have extended their reach across the Milky Way, Pastor Mike and a group of ministers are sent on an epic quest. Across time and space they must warn every person in the galaxy that no one will escape Christ’s Second Coming. ...

  • The Key

    Book 1 by

    Death has come to the woods surrounding an isolated northern mining town. It is the night of Christmas 1960, and what Joe Magister is about to encounter on the road will leave him forever changed and bring him face to face with his true heritage. ...