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  • God, I Lost My Rainbow


    A young child is sad when she notices her window’s suncatcher is gone. With no rainbow, her room has lost its fizz. Where can it be? She’s lost her joy, but she knows what to do. “Hey, God,” she calls, “can you help me find my rainbow?” In fun ...

  • The Square Wreath


    Michael is the most beautiful Christmas wreath and he longs to share his beauty with others. Decorated with delicate pinecones, colorful lights, and red ribbon with gold, glittery trim, Michael’s joy radiates from his every corner. Corner? Why, yes, ...

  • Bartholomew's Wish


    During his senior year, Nathan is assigned a craft project that must be accompanied by a written story. The craft portion of the project entails painting a fish, but Nathan accidentally bleeds the colors on one of the fish's fins. What starts as a ...