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  • Welcome to FlowSong


    13 year old Flo Song dives into The Sound every day. She loves to play with her Four Fishy Friends! Their favorite thing to do is to travel the world. Together, in their music powered vessel, the Friend-Ship, they Explore, Discover, Learn, Grow, and ...

  • Max Magee


    “Play for me, young Max Magee, Just one before you go . . .” In this touching, melodic book, a mother reminisces on her son’s life as a pianist. As a child, he practices before running out to play, and as he ages, he inherits his father’s grand ...

  • Fake News and Dinosaurs

    The Hunt for Truth Using Media Literacy by

    What would dinosaurs do about fake news if they were alive today? Two young troodons, Soloyo and Tyru, don’t agree about anything except that they need to do something—and fast—about a mysterious creature that was spotted in the farmlands. ...