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  • The Muffluppitts


    “On Sunday, all the muffluppitts had red fur. That’s just the way it was. Nobody asked why. Muffluppitts always had red fur on Sundays.” All the muffluppitts in the village know exactly what to do on each day of the week. They are always all the ...

  • Hunter's Super Night


    Many of us struggle with anxieties. Tiny owls are no exception. Hunter and his friends each find the excitement of their first “night” at kindergarten overshadowed by fears of inadequacy. Through encouragement from their families, teacher and ...

  • Faith and the Forest


    Faith is not happy when her mother tells her to go outside and play. But suddenly an owl swoops by and Faith is on an adventure to find it! But soon Faith remembers about her mother’s warning to not wander too far and realizes that she's lost! To ...

  • ABCs Are Delicious


    Little ones love food! With all the amazing flavours and textures food has to offer, every meal can be an adventure and every snack an exciting journey into something new. Since little ones love stories as well, and soon will be wanting to read ...

  • No! Mommy Said


    Maylea is a joyful, curious toddler soaking up everthing she is learning like a sponge. But the word NO! seems to be the main word she is learning and hears everyday. While exploring her world Maylea learns the word No! is not a mean word but a word ...

  • Come Count With Happy Campers!


    This cheerful rhyming children’s book tells the story of a cute family, who gather together with other campers at a local campground to enjoy a fun-filled day by the shore. A very engaging and thought-provoking tale that starts sometime around late ...

  • Breakfast at Grandma's


    Little Brother’s oatmeal is too hot! He and his Grandma put his bowl of oatmeal outside to cool. Grandma thinks her grandson is simply using his imagination when several critters come by to sample his cereal. Will Grandma’s solutions salvage his ...

  • Let's Go


    What makes you unique? For some of us, part of what makes us unique is that we need help doing the sorts of things that other people do without thinking. Bobby is just like that. Sometimes, he wears a prosthetic to help him walk, and other times he ...

  • Let's Play


    Everyone is unique. That is one of many things we all have in common. Some of us have two arms and two legs, and some of us don’t. Some of us can see and hear, and some of us can’t. We are all different from one another in many ways, but we are all ...