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  • Quiet

    A Graphic Novel of Introversion by

    Claire Glade is not good with people. She's shy, awkward and introverted. The only person she ever really talks to is her sister, Madison, but that's fine by her. She enjoys staying home all day, drawing and playing games. Living in the city has ...

  • Mister Robin and the Magical Discovery


    Out one morning for a leisurely stroll, Mister Robin encounters little Camille, the tiny wood fairy princess. She is crying softly to herself. He soon discovers the reason for her distress. Her wings are too big and drag on the ground so she is ...

  • Ladybug Junction


    A wave of terror ran through Mayor Essenfeld as he received the news that the crows were on a rampage. Their goal was to destroy all the tiny insect villages within the Evergreen Wood. The mayor was frantically trying to consider his options when ...

  • Kismet Tales from Happy Trails


    Kismet Tales from Happy Trails is a story told to remind each of us that we are all here to experience our own journey and to honor our own truth. Each of us is a unique individual, and it is only important that we each aspire to embrace the best ...

  • Tom's Secret

    A Child's Search by

    The pain of secretly enduring endless trauma is explored in this hard-hitting story of a young boy who suffered the crushing consequences of bullying, struggled through it, and survived. Like many children his age, Tom was subjected to endless ...