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  • Why Wolf Has Ears Facing Upward


    Wolf’s ears face downward, and she’s not happy about how she looks. Out of ideas about how best to change, she asks her friend Bear for advice. When she does what Bear suggests, things don’t turn out quite as Wolf planned. She will have to rely on ...

  • Bella and Dash

    The Forest by

    Bella has spent her childhood dreaming of distant lands, spurred on by her grandmother’s tales of traveling the world. But after her grandmother passes away, she is forced to find her own adventures. She befriends a neighbourhood Siamese cat named ...

  • Haida The Hunter

    She Dreamed of Running with the Wild Pack by

    More than anything, Haida loved to be out hunting in the wilderness. Haida is an active German Shepherd dog with an adventuresome attitude and a very active imagination. Like her family (people pack), she would rather live off the land the way her ...