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  • Larry The Lion Goes To The Dentist


    Larry The Lion is about a young lion that has a fear of going to the dentist. Larry realizes that he has not been brushing his teeth as often as he should. He also realizes that he may eat to many sweet treats. Through the encouragement of his ...

  • Elena's Nighttime Adventure

    Book One of the Growing Pawsitive Series by

    The night can be scary, especially for youngsters. In the middle of one particular night, a tiger cub named Elena is terrified when she wakes up in her cave and seeks the comfort of her mother. Mama knows exactly what to do to make Elena feel ...

  • From My Window


    Brendan absolutely loves wild animals and can't wait for the big day he has planned with his dad at the zoo. His vivid imagination takes him into a dream where the animals become so much more than what meets the eye. Join Brendan on his dream ...