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  • Toddlers' Devotional Made Simple


    As a young grandmother I love to sing and pray with my granddaughters every night before they go to bed. We read stories from scriptures and other books and pray together. Many of the scriptures that were read have been captured in this ...

  • About Kindness


    This beautiful children’s verse book is about kindness – what it is, how to express it, and the positive impact that it can have on individuals and around the world. Written as a three-stanza poem, About Kindness employs rhythms, rhymes, and ...

  • Clyde and Phoebe’s Animal Shelter ABCs


    Animal shelters are all about fostering, volunteering, surrendering and caring for sweet animals like Phoebe and Clyde. We hope you learned a little bit more about them today and might consider supporting local animal shelters in the future!

  • The Pet Promise


    Are you ready to own a pet? Will you make sure your new friend is always well cared for and loved? The Pet Promise guides the pet owner-to-be through a series of promises, outlining the responsibilities and commitment that go along with owning a pet ...

  • A Special Thank You

    Gratitude for little ones by

    There are SO many special people in our lives who help us through each day, with the big and the small. But how could we ever thank them for all they do for us? A Special Thank You is a sweet children’s book that teaches children to recognize how ...

  • Mom Taught Values with Quotes and Proverbs

    A Memoir of Short Stories by

    In today’s society, words like “Character,” “Honesty,” “Responsibility,” “Accountability,” and “Respect,” have been replaced by words such as “Acceptance,” “Tolerance,” and “Political Correctness.” This has confused our children. These short ...