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  • One Bully at a Time


    Why bully someone? Bullying is a painful reality and a major challenge in society. Any opportunity we have to talk openly about bullying, especially to children, should be embraced. Tackled with tenderness and rhyme, One Bully at a Time will be a ...

  • You & Me & Allergies

    Bringing Awareness to Environmental and Food Allergies Sensitivities by

    “Why me?” Jena shouted as she stomped into her bathroom early one school-day morning… Jena’s tummy hurt – again – and she couldn’t understand why she had to struggle with such physical discomfort at the worst of times. Jena knows that she has ...

  • Kindergarten Rich

    Our Future Leaders by

    Required reading for all future leaders. Kindergarten Rich is Informative, colorful and fun to read.

  • Shine


    Everyone holds the power within themselves to live in harmony with all other beings; it starts with a breath. Shine introduces a guided meditation practice using the breath, the imagination, and gentle movement to help children realize how they can ...

  • Tools Of A+ Students

    The A Students ToolBox For Success by

    At just thirteen years of age, Alexander Ouellette had already hit rock bottom. Failing tests, getting into trouble at home and at school, and victimized by bullies, he felt utterly worthless and alone, as if he had no purpose in life. He fell into ...

  • A Wind of Memories


    This is a story about some exciting happenings in Aukje's childhood. They are memories that seemed to have guided her in her learning and questioning of life events as they happened year by year in the growing up time on her family farm. Aukje ...