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  • Days of the Week


    Milou, the Yorkie-Pom dog, helps teach children about the days of the week in this charming and colourful book that shows the importance of school and family time. Milou reminds kids that they must study hard so they can be anything they want to be ...

  • Sujets Jeunesse


    Foi: le moyen de croire ce qu'on ne voit pas. Espeérance: nous ancre pour ne pas s'eéloigner ou se perdre. Chariteé: pour maintenir la gentillesse. Sujets Jeunesse est un livre d’enfant pour vivre une vie de compassion et plus joyeuse. Les ...

  • Youthful Matters


    Youthful Matters is a children’s guide to living a happier and more compassionate life. The diverse topics include nature, diversity, respect, fear, charity, tolerance, reflection, and the overall fundamentals of a good life. This book is for ...

  • A Secret or A Surprise?


    A Secret or A Surprise? explains the difference between a secret and a surprise from a child's perspective and is accompanied with simplistic illustrations. It explains what children should do if someone asks them to keep a secret; especially if an ...

  • A Loud Whisper

    An Oromo Story by

    “A Loud Whisper” his very first children’s picture book is based on a true story of a boy born to a semi-nomadic family of 1950’s Ethiopia. The Oromo, a nationality to which the author belongs remains a marginalized majority in Ethiopia. As a ...