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  • From I's to We's

    My Big Adventure by

    Knowing what you want to do when you grow up is not always clear, in fact most of us have no idea what we will be when we grow up. From I's to We's: My Big Adventure is all about discovering that you are never too young to start learning. A few ...

  • I Get It! Times Tables: The Workbook

    With Tonnes of Examples And More Times Table Tricks by

    I Get It! Times Tables: The WORKBOOK Multiplication is everywhere. We use it every day! Are you looking for tips and tricks to solve multiplication questions? Do you want to be a times table superstar? Join The Times Table Team characters and ...

  • You Can Do It, Too!


    Ramir is an extraordinary superhero but just like any superhero he has his challenges. Having been diagnosed with autism as a child, this created a new world for him. As a superhero, Ramir shows how he navigates life with autism. You Can Do It Too! ...

  • I Get It! Times Tables

    You Can Get It! by

    I GET IT! TIMES TABLES is a fun and exciting way to learn multiplication. Meet The Times Table Team characters and learn magic tricks for solving multiplication questions up to 12 x 12. Discover many different strategies to assist in understanding ...

  • The World of Water


    Join Dew, Myst, Ranae and all their other friends you’ll meet along the way as they take you and your child on an exciting adventure through our fascinating “World of Water”! Discover the process of the water cycle as well as new and interactive fun ...

  • Days of the Week


    Milou, the Yorkie-Pom dog, helps teach children about the days of the week in this charming and colourful book that shows the importance of school and family time. Milou reminds kids that they must study hard so they can be anything they want to be ...

  • A Secret or A Surprise?


    A Secret or A Surprise? explains the difference between a secret and a surprise from a child's perspective and is accompanied with simplistic illustrations. It explains what children should do if someone asks them to keep a secret; especially if an ...

  • A Loud Whisper

    An Oromo Story by

    “A Loud Whisper” his very first children’s picture book is based on a true story of a boy born to a semi-nomadic family of 1950’s Ethiopia. The Oromo, a nationality to which the author belongs remains a marginalized majority in Ethiopia. As a ...