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  • Runes

    The Elder Futhark for Kids by

    Runes are a type of ancient alphabet: the ABCs for people who lived before the ABCs we know now were even invented! Vikings, and other people who lived in the north of Europe—in places like Germany, Norway, and Denmark—used these runes to write...

  • Hawwii Fi Abdi

    Afaan Oromoo by

    This book is children book that helps kinds born diaspora to learn and speaks their family language and communicate with them easy as well as to know what is Oromo People Values and cultural as well and afaan oromoo speaker can learn English from...

  • Months of the Year


    Months of the Year, the first in the series of “Teachings by Milou,” is intended to enlighten children as much as entertain them. In this celebration of the calendar year, readers follow the escapades of the dog Milou, as he experiences the...