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  • Mona’s Mission

    The Story of Monarch Migration by

    Mona is a brave monarch butterfly with an important job! She is the third generation in the “relay race” of monarch migration as these amazing insects make their way to Mexico. Mona’s Mission is the beautiful, educational story of her life as she ...

  • Pip the Orphaned Otter


    Ever since the night Pip got lost looking for his mother, he has lived in a strange place full of humans. They bring him food and keep him safe, and they teach him things just like his mother used to. Someday he’ll get to return to the wild and find ...

  • Hamburger and French Flies

    A Barn Swallow's Story by

    Hamburger and French Flies: A Barn Swallow’s Story is the incredible true story of a barn swallow who survived against harrowing odds. Knocked from its nest when only days old, Raven was taken in by a student named Carol, who was spending her summer ...

  • The Little Creek That Could

    The Story of a Stream That Came Back to Life by

    Based on true events, The Little Creek that Could tells a remarkable and inspiring story of how a severely damaged stream was brought back to life. A young teacher, whose love for rivers goes back to his childhood, sadly finds that a stream close to ...

  • The Earth Needs a Break from Plastic


    “The Earth Needs a Break from Plastic,” the first in a series of books educating young people about global issues. This edition focuses on plastic; a useful but dangerous material. The book offers alternative materials that children can use instead ...

  • Home

    A West Coast Inspired Book by

    “HOME” is a non-fiction picture book targeted towards educators and parents who need a simple yet, meaningful book to teach children about their environment and the impacts that humans can have on it. “Home” is meant to spark curiosity and ...

  • Decorah Eagles

    A Love Story by

    Welcome to the Nest… …where a true love story between man and nature always existed, but became real to millions of people throughout the world when cameras recorded the nest activities of a family of bald eagles. Together, the people watched and ...