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  • Little Yogis, Big Feelings


    The modern world is full of challenges. But with yoga, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, kids can access the tools they need to become resilient, happy, and self-aware. Little Yogis, Big Feelings teaches emotional awareness for kids. ...

  • The Planets and Me

    Astrology for the Wild Child by

    The Sun is the centre of who we are. It is the "I am" in each one of us. The Moon nurtures us at night. It represents how we feel and how we care. Mercury is our voice and how we learn and Venus is our style of expression and how we love. Through ...

  • I Am Remarkable

    A Journey of Self-Discovery by

    Do you know that you are dazzling, courageous, and extraordinary? You are! And do you know you can be a boat, a mountain, and an eagle? You can! By practicing the yoga poses in this book and using your imagination, you will learn how amazing ...

  • One, Two, Three, Meditate With Me


    One, Two, Three, Meditate With Me helps parents and caregivers teach young children how to meditate, step by step. With easy to understand instructions, and a mild-mannered unicorn demonstrating them, older readers can use the book to help guide ...

  • Sticky Brains


    Bad Thoughts Are Sticky! Aria is having a tough week. All she remembers is the bad stuff that happens. Then she discovers something amazing: her brain gets good at what it practices. (Yours does too!) She learns to make good thoughts stick too, ...

  • Mikey Discovers His Super Power


    Mikey is a boy who worries a lot. He has trouble enjoying life, and spends his days playing games on his tablet and ignoring the world. Eventually, his mom takes away his tablet, and Mikey doesn’t know what to do. He feels bad about himself, and ...