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  • Chrysalis

    Metamorphosis of Odium by

    This book does not claim absolute truths, but it speaks for those who can no longer speak for themselves by the histories they witnessed, wrote about, and which defined their ancestors and descendants, including the most powerful woman that ever ...

  • Landestreu, An Odyssey

    The Story of a Family over Time by

    The eighteenth century saw Prussia, Russia, and Austria competing for prominence in Central and Eastern Europe. Each sought to expand its territory by annexing weaker states. This led to the first partition of Poland in 1772 and subsequently to ...

  • Maria's Story


    Maria’s Story is a true account of a Polish teen’s trials and tribulations as a slave girl of the Nazis in the Second World War. Driven out of Krakow during the invasion by the German Army, Maria and her sister Stefania flee for the safety of their ...