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  • In Sickness and in Health


    Did you ever think of going on a vacation with no idea of where you were going or how long you’d be away—not preparing, not packing, not bringing anything with you? Then, while you’re on this vacation, you don’t know where you are, you’re not sure ...

  • An Alzheimer's Angel

    A Human Love Story by

    If you love someone with Alzheimer’s . . . this book is for you. Written with caregivers in mind, this personal story documents one family’s journey through the stages of Alzheimer’s with their mother, sharing their experiences and frustrations as ...

  • Dignity & Dementia: Carpe Diem

    My journals of living with dementia by

    Dignity & Dementia: Carpe Diem invites you to experience life with dementia through the lens of the author. This easy-to-read book pulls you into the writer’s world with short journal entries, published as written, from the time of her diagnosis ...

  • Caregiver's Survival Toolkit

    Go from Surviving to Thriving by

    Don’t struggle! Ease and Tranquility are your Caregiving Rights. Insight! Impact! Results! INSIGHT: Discover the impact of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease on the family unit. Gain insight into what the patient experiences. IMPACT: Learn ...

  • All is Well


    Read and enjoy. This book is for people living with the effects of memory loss. Family, friends, and caregivers will be thrilled with this straightforward and beautiful tool to support continued communication and connection. This publication is a ...

  • Mommy?

    Jagged Pieces Along the Road to Dementia by

    Age gracefully “Miss Hilda” did not. She fought like hell: dug in her heels, kicked, stomped, and cussed all the way to dementia. As her caregiver and advocate, the author became Mommy all at once to a stubborn toddler, sexually precocious teenager, ...

  • Brilliant Bob - My Husband with Alzheimer's Disease

    Our Love Story by

    This book is about our life before and after Alzheimer's Disease invaded and how, over the subsequent ten years, we did our best to fight, learn, adjust and live with this heinous disease as it progressed. Using the Seven Stages of Alzheimer's ...

  • Mom, Twice a Child


    What happens when a lifelong caregiver needs caring for? As Baby Boomers become elders, this heart-wrenching question is one that many North American families are grappling with every day. This timely volume is part memoir, part roadmap, written ...