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  • Grab the Spark

    How My Parkinson's Journey Sparked My Creativity Through Stories, Poems and Photos by

    Joe W. van Koeverden, MBA, PwP, has lived with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) for ten years. For the last twenty years, he worked in senior management as a CEO, president, and CAO. He’s twenty years cancer free and has been clean and sober for over ...

  • Naked Under My Coat

    Writing Under the Influence of Parkinson's by

    “Parkinson’s is all about the disconnect within the central nervous system. But when I hit that nerve with a word or a phrase that connection is restored. I consider my Parkinson’s a gift.” - Naked Under My Coat – Writing Under the Influence of ...

  • Not Your Dad's Stroke


    Not Your Dad’s Stroke is written by a stroke survivor for stroke survivors and their loved ones. It documents the author’s recovery from a 2012 stroke, and examines the research and treatment advancements over the twenty years since his dad had his ...

  • One Step Beyond

    A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Illness by

    One Step Beyond is an authentic account of a teenage girl’s journey through a devastating health diagnosis in the prime of her adolescence and of a mother's unwavering determination to save her daughter's life. Personal journal entries written by ...

  • World Without Limit

    A Journey from Unbounded Misfortune to Unlimited Possibility by

    Like most people, Alex had big plans for his life. A successful career on Wall Street, a loving family, and a beautiful home—he was living the American dream. Then, the unthinkable happened. At thirty-four years old Alex was diagnosed with ...

  • Hunting Down Huntington's

    Departure for the Hunt by

    My book is targeted towards any individual who has been affected by Huntington Disease, professionals and families, patients and their caregivers. The key theme is the devastation caused by this rare and fatal diabolical disease, it describes the ...

  • Into the Shadows: An Illustrated Memoir of Brain Injury


    Into the Shadows is a story of survival and recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Dr. Krista Breithaupt was enjoying a family vacation when she suffered an aneurism that left her hospitalized for months. This book is an account of brain injury and ...

  • Angels On My Window


    This is a true story of a happy childhood spent at a family summer lake-side cottage becoming a life inflicted with abusive relationships; divorce; two bouts of cancer; and the pain, fatigue and paralysis from Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Through it ...

  • No Magic Bullet

    Adventures in Restoring a Child’s Mental Health by

    No Magic Bullet is part memoir, part guide and part resource. It follows the journey of the Black family as they find their way to overcome their son’s physical and behavioral difficulties. The book describes the approaches the family utilized, ...