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  • 70 to 100 in a BLINK

    Lifestyle Planning, Support & Advocacy for Seniors & their Families - Solutions for a better life in later years. by

    70 to 100 in a Blink — Lifestyle Planning, Support and Advocacy for Seniors & Their Families provides useful information and insights for planning later lifestyles and protecting quality of life. It is told from the eyes of seniors and families ...

  • Your Inside Guide to the Emergency Department

    And How to Prevent Having to Go! by

    This is the first book for the general public, written by a physician, to guide you through what really happens in the Emergency Department (ED). Learn what to expect if you, or a loved one, becomes one of the 15 million visitors to the ED in ...

  • Dignity & Dementia: Carpe Diem

    My journals of living with dementia by

    Dignity & Dementia: Carpe Diem invites you to experience life with dementia through the lens of the author. This easy-to-read book pulls you into the writer’s world with short journal entries, published as written, from the time of her diagnosis ...

  • Read My Hips!

    Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, or Back Pain? Time to Check your Alignment! by

    “I feel twisted”, “I look crooked in the mirror”, “My problems have been going on for years”, “I have tried every kind of treatment” are commonly heard statements. Whether you have complaints or not, it’s time to look at your body alignment, given ...

  • The Bipolar Doctor


    Despite battling depression in his mid-teens, Rohit Kumar fulfilled his beloved parents’ dream of becoming a doctor in 1990. He was one of Canada’s first hospitalists before setting up a highly successful private practice, and acquired specialized ...

  • The View From The Wrong Side Of The Day

    A Story About Nursing, PTSD And Other Shenanigans by

    The View from the Wrong Side of the Day is the story of T. C. Randall’s journey through nursing school and his career as an emergency room nurse before his diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and general anxiety disorder. This candid and ...

  • The Girl Who Lost Her Joy

    Until she discovered her superpowers by

    Once there was a girl who lost her joy ... until she discovered her superpowers. Based on a true story, this book highlights how an anxiety disorder can explain children’s behaviour in school and at home and the struggle and frustration that ...

  • Remembering You

    Until God Whispers My Name by

    As Canada’s population continues to age and lifespans lengthen, the incidence of dementia is also on the increase, with Alzheimer’s being the most common. For twelve years, author Marilyn Duncan cared for her beloved mother after she developed ...

  • Ultimate Health

    Finding It by

    Western health related industries employ more people, consume more money, and have more dependent adherents than any other activity involving the entire population. Since the early 1900s, life expectancy at birth has increased from about 50 years to ...