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  • Lucid


    When sixteen-year-old May gets the chance to start over in the small town of Lockwood, she’s determined not to let anything ruin it. Not her chronic exhaustion, not the enigmatic boy she’s drawn to, and definitely not the truth about what happens ...

  • Painting Trains

    Three Adventures Into the Unknown by

    Painting Trains is a collection of three short stories which each capture both the romanticism of the steel rail and the carefree nostalgia of childhood. “Gus” follows a young narrator and his older cousin as a venture from their campsite finds them ...

  • The Dance of a Windmill


    Seventeen-year-old Edward is bitter and volatile when he shows up at his aunt and uncle’s farm in Cherry Lake, B.C., to grieve his dad’s death. For two years, he’s been caring for his mother through addiction and mental health struggles, and now ...

  • Full Circle

    Sherlock Holmes's Greatest Challenge Ever by

    In 1893, midway through his career as creator of master detective Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle decided to end the Holmes series by killing off his hero in one last story. That much is fact. But wait. Kill off Holmes? That would be murder. A ...

  • The Deviant Son


    What happens when the son’s sins become the father’s? Joseph Griler was a kind man, a loving father, and a great story teller. He also thrived on political discussions. After he passed in 1989, his spirit met up with familiar and unknown souls. ...

  • Endless


    For countless centuries, Isaac Rojas had tried to live the quiet life, but he is forever being pulled to locations just before cataclysmic occurrences. Most recently, he was in New York on 9/11, then in Indonesia when the tsunami hit. Through these ...

  • Mama, My Hero

    A Story of a nurse's bravery during the COVID-19 Pandemic by

    Mama, My Hero highlights the realities of the current pandemic and the magic of a uniquely innocent perspective. This is the story of one day in the life of an intensive care unit nurse working during the COVID-19 pandemic, as told by her unborn ...

  • Squaring the Circle III

    The Light and the Darkness by

    Decades have past since Dr. David Kestenberg’s last deadly encounter with the evil Scorvini brothers, masters of the Left-hand Path of Darkness. They had tried to take his daughter Rebecca but failed. They did, however, kill his mother and in-laws, ...

  • A Canoer of Shorelines


    In this lyrical novel, Julie Martin and Rachel Hardy both have an attachment to Meadowbrook Acres, and both try to reinvent their lives in its ghostly, antique embrace. Julie struggles to define herself in an adult role, bucking against demons until ...

  • Zenobia's Business


    Dorothy and Doug of Offrampville Ontario find themselves together in Aleppo on the frontier of a new millennium and decide to join the circus. The fun eventually follows them home again... but things are as odd there as they were away.