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  • Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit


    Ten-year-old Lily Nelson lives with her mother, sister, and the wellspring of her hatred: her father, Henry. Since Henry returned to their lives after an unexplained eight-year absence, the family has been uprooted, both physically and emotionally, ...

  • The Self-Searcher

    A Storybook for the Wounded Child in Each of Us by

    Healing from our wounds doesn’t mean that we were never wounded but that the wounds no longer confine or define us. The Self-Searcher: A Storybook for the Wounded Child in Each of Us is an illustrated storybook for adults about bringing the wounded ...

  • The Journey: Erudite


    ERUDITE [er-yoo-dahyt] Characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly. The Journey: Erudite follows the travels of Tection and Julian, as they venture off into an exotic new world, full of discovery, sprinkled with revelation, and driven ...

  • Little By Little


    Dilys Frank is adrift in her grief. A tough and capable young woman, recent circumstance has spilled the wind from her sails, and she now finds herself gambling away her nights and wasting her days behind the counter of an unlicensed pharmacy on ...

  • The Turnstile


    The ticket was washed out, as if it had been left out in the sun for months. Below the $12.50 admission price were the words in bold capitals over a faded red, white, and blue design: WORLD SERIES 1975, GAME 6, FENWAY PARK, BOSTON. With my ticket ...

  • Yad


    Set in early 18th-century Spain, Yad offers a compelling and passionate re-imagining of the construction of El Transparente, an altar in the Cathedral of Toledo that represents the highest achievement of the Spanish Baroque. While running from his ...

  • The Honeywell Stone


    The stone that became known as "The Honeywell Stone" was first captured by a Honeywell ancestor during the war of the dark ages. Once The Honeywells captured it, they never let it out of their possession, ever. The stone, green in color with what ...