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    A Viking's Heart by

    They had come! The men in the dragon ships from the North. After the death of her father, Eislyn is left to manage her family estate on the coast of Wales, a role she enjoys but knows she can’t keep forever, as tenth century protocol dictates that ...

  • A Prayer for Thérèse


    Everything can change in an instant. Thérèse Laserre is a young French woman who travelled to the fortified town of Louisbourg in 1749 to work as a servant for a wealthy family. In her precious spare moments, she met the love of her life, married ...

  • Renegade Sailor


    Reckless eighteen year old Vienna Talbot runs off to find her intended, Robert Best, forced to sail on her father's ship, and she made the biggest mistake of her life. Stowing away has great consequences for her. Her father respects the esteemed ...

  • Consuming Fire

    The Story of Josiah, King of Judah by

    Hamutal is a humble shepherdess who follows the mesmerizing voice of God. When rowdy criminals assault her at Jerusalem’s cistern one afternoon before Sabbath, she feels hopeless until Josiah rescues her and leaves the men bleeding in the ...