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  • Stitched


    Ale Ferretti is back! ER nurse, part time waitress and now owner of her new fashion design company Vitale; Ale finds herself single again in LA after breaking up with sexy Security expert, Carlos ‘Striker’ Montoya. Her attempts at dating fail ...

  • Stitches


    Stitches is a romantic thriller set in Los Angeles in 2023 during post-pandemic times. Socializing has resurged and Ale (short for Alessandra), an ER nurse and sometimes waitress, meets a handsome security expert at a VIP party. Nicknamed “Striker” ...

  • Operation Coyote


    What if an even more deadly mutated version of the COVID-19 virus were to emerge one year after the start of the world-wide pandemic in early 2020, and within weeks of the global roll-out of several new COVID-19 vaccines? On January 21, 2021, just ...

  • Percivious

    Insomnia by

    An insomnia pandemic is sweeping the globe, leaving people unable to function and society on the brink of collapse... Dr. Cooper Delaney believes he has the answer: Noctural, a new sleep-aid—one with absolutely no side-effects—which in early ...

  • The Fifth Needle


    In a secret Biosafety Level-4 research lab in Austin, Texas, Dr. Philip Burris is genetically modifying mosquitoes to passively inoculate humans against malaria in a large-scale vaccination trial. Using cutting-edge CRISPR technology, the mutated ...