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  • The Killing Farm


    A remote, government-run facility in Saskatchewan called The Farm, offers terminally ill patients an opportunity to die on their own terms, and the sky is the limit. Some choose a quiet, peaceful passing, while others choose more elaborate, ...

  • Operation Cobra


    At the dawn of the 21st century, poaching and the illegal ivory trade were the biggest threats to the African elephants’ survival. Down to as few as 400,00 animals by 2012, the African elephant was on the path to extinction in the wild. African ...

  • Stitched


    Ale Ferretti is back! ER nurse, part time waitress and now owner of her new fashion design company Vitale; Ale finds herself single again in LA after breaking up with sexy Security expert, Carlos ‘Striker’ Montoya. Her attempts at dating fail ...

  • Stitches


    Stitches is a romantic thriller set in Los Angeles in 2023 during post-pandemic times. Socializing has resurged and Ale (short for Alessandra), an ER nurse and sometimes waitress, meets a handsome security expert at a VIP party. Nicknamed “Striker” ...

  • Operation Coyote


    What if an even more deadly mutated version of the COVID-19 virus were to emerge one year after the start of the world-wide pandemic in early 2020, and within weeks of the global roll-out of several new COVID-19 vaccines? On January 21, 2021, just ...

  • Percivious

    Insomnia by

    An insomnia pandemic is sweeping the globe, leaving people unable to function and society on the brink of collapse... Dr. Cooper Delaney believes he has the answer: Noctural, a new sleep-aid—one with absolutely no side-effects—which in early ...

  • The Fifth Needle


    In a secret Biosafety Level-4 research lab in Austin, Texas, Dr. Philip Burris is genetically modifying mosquitoes to passively inoculate humans against malaria in a large-scale vaccination trial. Using cutting-edge CRISPR technology, the mutated ...