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  • Demons in Every Man


    Tara McCauley, a young detective in the Calgary police service, is on a great date when she gets a call from her boss, the oh-so-cool Jerrod Jackson. The beautiful executive assistant to the president of the ‘BEAR’ has been murdered. The BEAR is ...

  • A Killer Among Us


    When the body of a Sun Devil cheerleader is discovered on the campus of Arizona State University after a home football game, the college community is shocked and saddened. When a second cheerleader’s body is found after the next home game, police ...

  • The Lizard Ladies


    Carla Carson, librarian at a small town college, gets caught up in mayhem and murder. When the pace of academic life is interrupted by the presence of a mysterious stranger, Carla and her friends are determined to figure out why he is here. Carla’s ...

  • The Quiet Spirits


    Brandi Westeron is a freelance writer in love with the fading lifestyle of the western homestead. After publishing a high-profile article in Homestead Life Quarterly, Brandi starts experiencing unusual dreams and is faced with a choice: pursue her ...

  • Tour de Mort

    A Danutia Dranchuk Mystery by

    Sinister “accidents” threaten the Tour de Rock, a thousand-kilometre cycle ride to raise money for children’s cancer. Spurred on by her young nephew’s leukemia, RCMP Corporal Danutia Dranchuk has signed up as a rider but soon finds herself ...

  • Uncovered Secrets of Wartime

    An Auctioneer Lisa Spencer Murder Mystery by

    After auctioneer Lisa Spencer’s adventures in “Cabbagetown” (Murder in Cabbagetown), she is ready for things to get back to normal. Unfortunately, that also means that business is back to being slow, and the auction scene just isn’t what it used to ...

  • Minnie’s Mysteries

    The Voyage by

    James and Minnie face numerous challenges as they set out from their small village in Scotland to take on the task of homesteading on the Canadian Prairies. On board the ship they are subjected to many mishaps that cause Minnie to second guess ...

  • Murder in Cabbagetown

    Toronto Auctioneer Finds Clues to Solve Case by

    Life for Lisa Spencer has been a little boring recently. As an auctioneer in Toronto, she’s had her share of interesting clients and expensive and sometimes even exotic lots to auction, but as of late, nothing seems to pique her interest. Take her ...

  • Stained Sand


    Strolling on the seashore with her husband, Philomela Nightingale makes a grisly discovery. It drags the two of them beneath the island’s pristine paradise into a sleazy world of drug addiction and prostitution and turns their relaxing vacation into ...