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  • Hey Son, It’s Ok To Not Be Ok


    Every man faces struggles, but few talk about it, especially with their sons. Afraid to appear weak or vulnerable, fathers tend to keep their fears and uncertainties bottled up inside while projecting an image of strength and resilience. Meanwhile, ...

  • Rebel Dad

    Triumphing Over Bureaucracy to Adopt Two Orphans Born Worlds Apart by

    As a child, David McKinstry always knew one thing: he wanted to be a father. However, as a single—and secretly gay—man, David's only option was to adopt. Lying about his sexuality on adoption applications, David was consistently met with a ...

  • A Letter to My Father

    What Your Son Wants to Tell You But Doesn't by

    Many books have been written about the father-son relationship. Most of the readers are well-meaning fathers looking for helpful advice on how to build a relationship with their sons and impact them in a real, meaningful way from older wise men, who ...

  • The Balanced Ride


    Finding Balance In An Ever Changing World. There are no perfect families because perfect parents don’t exist. Being the best parent you can be involves unconditional love and support, not just for your children but for yourself. Many people do not ...

  • Finding Fatherhood


    When recently divorced Rob Kozak’s eight-year-old son Bobby moves from Canada to Australia with his mother, Rob’s entire life changes. But although his son is literally on the other side of the world, Rob soon discovers that the vast distance ...

  • I Like Me

    5 Easy Ways For Parents to Help Their Children Feel Awesome About Themselves by

    Having problems getting your preschooler to show that confident, positive sense of self? Wondering if what you are doing will bring the right results? “I Like ME” gives you the SHINE parenting strategy which ensures that her/his self-esteem ...