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  • Executor Help

    How to Settle an Estate Pick an Executor and Avoid Family Fights by

    David Edey wants to save you a lot of trouble! In this self-help book he clearly, concisely, and repeatedly explains why it is important that every individual appoint an executor of their estate; what it means to be an executor of an estate; and how ...

  • The Ethical Divorce

    A Psychoanalyst’s Guide to Separation, Divorce and Childcare by

    Divorce is a complicated process and not a single event. It has major life implications and must be done right. In this regard, the optimal divorce is an ethical divorce. The Ethical Divorce does not follow the pattern of the ubiquitous self-help ...

  • Relationship Matters

    The Essential Blueprint to Building Strong Families & Fostering Healthy Relationships by

    Are you at a loss to understand how your marriage has become so miserable, or do you wonder why your children are completely out of control? Relationship Matters is designed to help you and your family figure out what went wrong and to help create a ...

  • Becoming Unruly

    Conversations on Change from the Classroom to the Boardroom by

    Becoming Unruly is practical and personable, and unlike any self-help book you have read before—there’s nothing “new-agey” going on here! This is self-improvement on steroids: action-oriented and no-holds-barred. Becoming Unruly describes a ...

  • Constructive Communication

    A Path for Challenging Situations by

    "Constructive Communication with a Path for Challenging Situations" is a practical guide that is built on a life time of experiences confirmed by research. It is not just theory. It is short and concise. It's processes are applicable for ...



    Roy had looked forward to the trip his parents had planned for the family. He had looked forward to it for weeks and felt that it was going to be the happiest day of his life. On the morning of the trip Roy got ready hours before the departure time. ...

  • Grateful for the Fight

    Using inner conflict to transform yourself and your relationships by

    “Don’t waste your conflict.” Grateful for the Fight goes beyond resolving conflict to using conflict to transform lives. Neufeld cautions that the urgency in today’s society to resolve conflict might be a sophisticated way of bypassing the true ...

  • The Yoga of Divorce

    A Mindful Route to Resolving Disputes by

    “So far lawyers are the only ones getting any money.” “There’s no middle ground. We only talk through lawyers.” “I open my mouth and we end up screaming at each other.” Sound familiar? What if there was a way to divorce with a minimum of hostility, ...

  • In a Perfect World

    Interpersonal Skills for Life by

    In a perfect world, everyone would be good tempered, listen carefully and consider the outcome before they spoke. We don’t live in a perfect world and most of us have not received coaching on how to communicate effectively. Today’s barrage of ...