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  • Curious Freckles


    What does innocence, discovery, and motherhood have in common? Freckles and Violet have a special friend on the farm. Who is it? Springtime on the farm is filled with newness. Read “Curious Freckles,” and find out for yourself the fantastically fun ...

  • Can I Play With You?

    Freckles Book 2 by

    Do you feel shy sometimes? Have you ever had a hard time finding a friend to play with? Little Jackie Jumper Jackrabbit has all kinds of problems finding friends to play with in the meadow. Her mom and dad have a great solution to help her out. ...

  • Wide-Eyed Joe

    Behaves in Public by

    Wide-Eyed Joe Behaves in Public is a story about places and people outside of the home and family. It teaches children how to stay away from some of the dangers in the real world and teaches behavioural best practices. This short and easy to read ...

  • My Many, Many, Many Feelings

    A Guide for Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, Counsellors, and Other Helpers to Talk about Difficult Topics by

    WOODLAND WISDOM BOOKS were created to support parents, caregivers, educators, counsellors, and other helpers in the community to navigate difficult subjects with children. As a Children’s Counsellor, I am often asked, “How do I talk to a child about ...

  • Fritz Goes to Treehouse


    Fritz is not your average puppy. He sometimes forgets that he is a dog. Find out what Fritz learns when he visits Treehouse.