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  • Behind the Damage


    When 22-year-old Shawn gets fired from his job at a Toronto magazine, he decides to go undercover as a homeless person in hopes to earn the professional success he craves. Shawn takes to living on the streets to write a first-hand exposé about the ...

  • Finding Joy after Sorrow

    The Collected Works of Beth Carol Solomon by

    In her collected works, Finding Joy After Sorrow, author Beth Carol Solomon explores the impact people have on one another and the courage it takes to overcome adversity. This rerelease of the author’s Collected Works—originally published in ...

  • The Griffin and Other Poems


    The Griffin and Other Poems is the author’s latest and fourth poetic endeavor, written to shed light on current events from a feminist’s perspective, using symbolism as well as empathy in traditional as well as modern ways. The author tries to ...