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  • Nevertheless, She Persisted

    True Stories of Women Leaders in Tech by

    It is no secret that the technical world is a male-dominated space. From the cultural belief that Computer Science is a “subject for boys”, to the assumptions and discrimination women experience in the field, it can be challenging for women at every ...

  • Basic to Brilliant

    The definitive guide to transforming your people practices; A playbook for small to mid-size enterprise by

    There’s a lot of talk about business innovation today. Everyone is seeking new or better ways to compete by reaching goals faster, more efficiently, at lower cost. In the race to win, owners and leaders of small to mid-market businesses often miss ...

  • Temp Tales

    An Exposé! by

    This book takes you through the life and struggles of a woman in search of the perfect job. From being a doormat for inconsiderate employers and temp agencies to working for less than peanuts; is it time wasted or just the cruel reality of the world ...

  • The Engaged Employee Blueprint

    Build a Workplace Culture Where Employees Thrive by

    Engaging employees is an enormous challenge for companies and their leaders, costing employers hundreds of billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and crippling innovation. Often CEOs and business owners are aware of the problem yet can’t ...

  • People Above Profit


    It’s not difficult to know the difference between a positive and negative work environment. It’s also not hard to identify what separates a manager from a leader. You cannot see these distinctions in the product a workplace may produce, but you can ...

  • The Secret Sauce

    A Recipe To Lead Well And Get Exceptional Results by

    Leadership matters! Take a moment to think about the team you’ve been assigned to lead. Whether you manage two teammates or head a company of thousands, these are the people whose lives you impact in a significant way each and every day. How you ...

  • Bubble Wrap

    The Benefits Book by

    Bubble Wrap - The Benefits Book was written to assist employers who have or are considering implementing a meaningful employee benefits program for their valued employees. Employee benefits are designed to protect employees and their families from ...

  • Hornets in the Office


    Elly Thomas is young, beautiful, and very well-trained to be a housewife. She fills this position above and beyond anyone’s expectations; however, after ten years of marriage and the birth of twin sons, now eight years old, Elly has become bored and ...

  • A Pathway to Profit

    Culture Impacts Performance The Story of a Struggling Company Achieving Profitability through Cultural Transformation by

    A Pathway to Profit is more than a management book; it is also a primer giving a behind-the-scenes picture of developing a culture linking people and profit. The authors’ step-by-step pathway provides a strategic overview, describes a recommended ...