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  • Living Your Dream

    A Practical Resource to Enhance Personal Wealth Creation and Management by

    Each of us has our own personal vision of what we want to achieve and experience over the course of our life. The challenge is managing our time and resources in a manner that allows that vision to be achieved. Living Your Dream is designed to help ...

  • Money Smarts for Teens & Twenties

    Understanding why financial planning works, makes it easy! by

    Why this book? Gordon’s middle aged clients came for advice on how to get back on track. Many wished they had done things different earlier. One summed it up with “My father gave me good advice but I didn’t use it”. Why would any teenager use good ...

  • Your Digital Undertaker

    Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada by

    If you are an adult Canadian who uses e-mail and surfs the internet, this book is for you. In a unique and humorous way, this former military officer and tech executive shares what she’s learned about the estate industry and the taboo topic of ...

  • Kids Get Rich

    Teaching Children the Secrets to Wealth and Success by

    Financial literacy and planning are more important than ever, and much of what we need to know to be successful is never taught in school. Children often grow up without a sound understanding of their own finances, leaving them unprepared as they ...

  • Mission35

    Your first step in Financial Security by

    Imagine having the financial security to pursue your dreams. Imagine not having to live paycheck to paycheck. Imagine living a life with no limitations. What’s stopping you from turning this dream into a reality? The answer for many of us, is fear. ...

  • Buffet, Munger Marathon Investing

    Passion Investing by

    In the fifteen years he’s been teaching, Dr. Jack Burrow has observed something disturbing. His students at the University of North Carolina Dental School, Department of Orthodontics are the brightest of the bright…but few of them understand the ...

  • Directions to Easy Street

    Living the Lifestyle You Deserve by

    Finally. A book of contemporary facts called “DIRECTIONS TO EASY STREET” that addresses your concerns about “LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE” from the financial perspective. Clearly, ‘the good old days’ are behind you. There is no doubt that you ...

  • How to Make your Credit Score Soar


    Your credit score dictates the rates and terms you pay on mortgages, auto loans, insurance, and services. It can even affect whether you get a job. A low credit score can cause setbacks to your financial life, so today’s the day to take control of ...