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  • Coming to America

    A Gold Mountain Dream by

    Everyone may agree that America is still the greatest country in the world. However, some may also argue that America is in decline. We are confronting huge problems such as government gridlocks, budget deficits, national debt, loss of jobs, energy ...

  • The Sassy Investor

    Investment Workbook by

    A beginner’s guide to step-by-step investing for all the sassy females who’ve ever wanted to take control of their finances! From penny-pinchers to free-(spirited!) spenders, this fun and engaging activity workbook allows women from all educational ...

  • Small Cap Millionaire

    How ordinary people make extrodinary profits trading small cap stocks by

    Small Cap Millionaire, is a roadmap for those looking for financial freedom and investment success. The book describes a proven methodology for investing and trading successfully in small cap stocks. It is designed for the self directed investor or ...

  • Buffet, Munger Marathon Investing

    Passion Investing by

    In the fifteen years he’s been teaching, Dr. Jack Burrow has observed something disturbing. His students at the University of North Carolina Dental School, Department of Orthodontics are the brightest of the bright…but few of them understand the ...