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  • 7 Steps to a Better Portfolio


    WE ARE ALL LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. Lose weight, be happier, get a promotion at work, become a better parent, get the most out of life. We are all seeking a solution or direction, on how to make something better. Investing is no different. To some, ...

  • Do Not Ignore Your Mortality

    Practical Advice From a Funeral & Financial Insider by

    You will be hard pressed to find another book like this one. Greg has delicately pulled together a gripping message that so many adults need to hear. Only about half the adult population of Canada and the U.S. have a current and valid will. The ...

  • Create a Money Machine

    A Safe and Reliable Way To Build Your Stock Market Fortune. Read this book and get wealthy! by

    The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a very specific plan to build a stock portfolio that will generate income, give wealth and security, that will last a lifetime. The author has accomplished this plan for himself and his family. ...

  • Buy the Milk First

    ... and Other Secrets to Financial Prosperity, Regardless of Your Income by

    Do you wish you were taught personal finance in school? Are you experiencing financial hardship, stressed about money, feeling out of control or simply desire to improve your financial situation? This book is for you. Buy The Milk First is filled ...

  • Life at the Lakes

    Stories to Improve Financial Wellness by

    After two divorces (and the financial ramifications they entail) Calvin Bennett just wants to be free. As a wealth management executive, he is well equipped to steer himself back to financial stability but quickly comes to realize that he is not the ...

  • The Million Dollar Difference

    Discover how simple yet powerful strategies can make a massive impact your wealth by

    Meet the Williams and Jacksons. These seemingly identical Canadian couples started out from the same base. But one crucial choice will ultimately determine their futures. The first couple hired a financial planner, utilizing her suggested strategies ...

  • Sunsets and Granite Counter Tops


    Are you living a “checklist life”? Are you getting married, working a 9–5 job, and buying a house in the suburbs because you want to, or because that’s what we are all “supposed” to do? Carl Stars was doing just that—“winning” at the game of ...

  • Home Run

    The Reverse Mortgage Advantage by

    In this easy-to-understand book, HomeEquity Bank CEO Steven Ranson and Executive Vice President Yvonne Ziomecki discuss the ins and outs of reverse mortgages and how they can provide Canadians 55+ with a secure retirement.

  • AHA You Are Rich! Claim It!

    3 Steps of Claiming and Sustaining God's Wealth by

    This book presents the “COLD HARD TRUTH” as to why millions of people still live in the state of “poverty” and why a few others are enjoying the state of abundance. Which state of living are you basking now? Let us not be one of those people who ...

  • The Girlfriend's Fabulous Guide to Real Estate

    The Woman's Manual to Buying, Owning and Selling a Home by

    REALTOR® Christine Denty took a look around one day and noticed that although nearly twenty-percent of homebuyers are single women, the whole industry seems geared towards men. So she thought it was high time for a comprehensive, female-centric ...