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  • The ONE Book


    The ONE Book is an all-in-one tool and virtual coach for business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders. This 365-page book guides users through a full year of planning, goal-setting, reflection and more. The ONE Book takes the most effective business ...

  • Business Life of Husband and Wife

    Ins And Outs And All The Bouts by

    This book provides a lighthearted yet realistic look at what starting a business with your spouse or significant other can look like. The authors have a successful architectural salvage business, which was realized by commitment, hard work, ...

  • Business Diagnostics 4th Edition

    The ultimate resource guide to evaluate and grow your business by

    Business Diagnostics is an invaluable reference guide for today's business student and owner. The authors have devised a unique framework that allows a business student to quickly find information without reference to numerous business texts and ...

  • Truly Global

    The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets by

    TODAY’S ECONOMY IS INCREASINGLY BORDERLESS. Every company that seeks to grow beyond its national boundaries needs a globalization team to help develop, translate, adapt, and promote products to international markets. This team is vital to ensuring ...

  • Lights! Camera! Action!

    Business Operational Excellence Through the Lens of Live Theatre by

    In theatre, what does it take to put on an award-winning performance each and every night? It takes an unrelenting focus on operational excellence and exceeding the guist's Experience Expectation. It means bringing teams together, unified towards a ...

  • The Great Transition

    The Emergence Of Unconventional Leadership by

    We’ve all heard of the Great Depression. Many of us went through the Great Recession. Now, whether we know it or not, all of us are taking part in the Great Transition—a state of unpredictability and change driven by technology and consumers. ...

  • Image is Everything

    Science Based Strategies for Success They Don't Teach You In School by

    We live and work in a competitive world. Who gets the job? The promotion? What companies will survive and which ones won’t? There are limited opportunities and resources so we are forced to compete. We know we have to rise above and differentiate ...

  • SHIFT your Family Business

    Stop working in your family business and start working on your business family by

    SHIFT your Family Business was written for anyone who has ever worked in a family business or been part of a business family. Steve Legler grew up in one such family, and married into another, and in this, his first book, he examines the challenges ...

  • How to build the team you want

    ...and lead them to victory! by

    This book began as a series of articles written for small to medium sized business owners and operators who were facing serious challenges with staff turnover, productivity and growth. It takes you through a journey of experience relating the best ...