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  • My Bert Has Alzheimer's

    Caregiving is Living for Two by

    My Bert Has Alzheimer’s is an intimate, detailed account of a wife’s experience with her husband’s dementia. As Paula de Ronde quickly learned, life for two people — patient and caregiver - is thrown into disarray with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. ...

  • Journeying with Jim

    My personal reflections of caregiving successes and challenges while Dementia robbed me of the man I loved by

    Journeying with Jim is an intimate, detailed account of a wife’s experience with her soul mate’s Dementia. As Noreen Peters quickly learned, a diagnosis of Dementia throws life into disarray for two people—patient and caregiver. Together she and her ...

  • Deep Roots

    A Personal Family History by

    Everyone of us is who and where we are today because of the efforts and decisions of those who came before us -- our ancestors. This book traces the history of nine of my ancestral families, from their small farming villages in Germany, through the ...

  • Son of Six Brothers


    Gert Wolfsohn, born in Windhoek now Namibia, in 1924, was the only child of wonderful parents who, I know, did not have a happy marriage but stuck it out as best they could though the ups and downs of life to give me, their son, the very best start ...

  • Portrait of a Public Servant

    Autobiographical Sketches and Reflections by

    This book is the personal memoir of G.A. (Gerry) Thompson. It traces his early life and outlines his career in civil engineering, urban planning and public administration, through various and progressively more responsible positions with the Ontario ...

  • James Legge and the Chinese Classics

    A brilliant Scot in the turmoil of colonial Hong Kong by

    James Legge (1815-1897), was a great Scots scholar and missionary famed as a translator of the Chinese Classics when struggles between Britain and China included two wars. It was an era of sailing ships, pirates, opium wars, the swashbuckling East ...