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  • I Am Tommy

    On Stage and Backstage by

    The uncensored Insider Story of Three Decades in the Canadian Music Business I was in a unique position. I was a musician who recorded hit songs and performed on stage in front of millions of fans and I was also an agent who met, booked and ...

  • A Nobody's Dream ... Came True


    When Gordon Crossland was growing up in the 1940’s in Orillia, Ontario, the town was not about to embrace a boy wanting to be a figure skater or ballet dancer. Male figure skaters were so rare that boys’ figures skates were hard to come by. However, ...

  • I Washed Elvis Presley's Hair


    If the avid fans of the nineteen fifties had known I washed Elvis Presley’s hair, they would have wanted a lock of mine. Kay Parley was the first Canadian that Elvis Presley ever met. The future King of Rock and Roll was just fifteen years old. A ...

  • The Canadian Nightingale

    Bertha Crawford and the Dream of the Prima Donna by

    April 4, 1915, Bertha Crawford bowed to tumultuous applause before a glittering audience at the Tsar’s Imperial Mariinsky Theatre. How had a young soprano from Ontario become a darling of the Russian capital eight months into the First World War? ...

  • Still Competition

    The Listener's Guide to Cheap Trick by

    Following the success of his 2016 book Razama-Snaz! The Listener’s Guide to Nazareth, Robert Lawson returns with this meticulous reviewing of every Cheap Trick album, song by song. In his book, Still Competition: The Listener’s Guide to Cheap Trick, ...

  • Gary Karr: Life on the G String


    Gary Karr: Life on the G String chronicles the extraordinary international career of a double-bass soloist. Launched in 1962 by Leonard Bernstein, in a Young People's Concert at Carnegie Hall viewed on television by seven million people, Karr ...

  • There Are No Strangers


    Do you have questions about Death and Dying? Why Are We Here? What is Time? Are there Angels? If so, I feel this book may help you find some of those answers. After an amazing healing when I was young, I began my quest to answer these and all of ...

  • D.W. Griffith: Master of Cinema


    Exhaustively researched and accessibly written, D.W. Griffith: Master of Cinema is a remarkably comprehensive biography of the legendary director and his days creating his craft at the American Biograph Company between 1908 through 1913. ...

  • The Dance Gods

    A New York Memoir by

    When Kenny Pearl arrived in New York City, determined to succeed as a dancer, he was penniless, friendless and jobless. His memories shine against the backdrop of the turbulent ’60s and ’70s, including Vietnam War protests, the military draft and ...