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  • Keywords
    • Cyber resilience,
    • Smart cities,
    • Smart technology,
    • Cyber security,
    • Internet of things,
    • Digital civil engineering,
    • Digital urban planning

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Smart City Cyber Resilience
Your Perception Matters
by Tam Thanh Doan

Smart technologies have quickly evolved to become integral parts of our homes and how we manage our lives, and they’re foreseen to be integral to (or already a part of) the next big steps in urban infrastructure. Along with the convenience and improvements promised by these “smart cities,” however, comes a new set of challenges. How literate are citizens and governments in smart technologies? Do we understand our data rights and what data is being collected and when? And how can these smart cities be set up to emphasize the needs of citizens and with the means to defend against and recover from threats? Smart City Cyber Resilience sets out to answer those questions, putting human capital at the forefront. Tam Thanh Doan brings his years of research and experience in the field to discussing: • How we’ve transformed, technologically and socially, into a smart, Internet of Things culture • The data rights of citizens and how smart cities can be structured as ecosystems that support those rights • Desirable smart city outcomes for all stakeholders • How to improve the understanding of “cyber resilience,” and reimagined, citizen-focused approaches to cyber resilience in smart cities The development of smart technology and the handling of data feels increasingly out of the control of the average person, but Doan makes it clear: Your perception matters, and this book is your first step to having greater understanding and agency in the smart ecosystem of today and tomorrow.

Tam Thanh Doan holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Calgary. In addition to his master’s thesis, “Smart Home with Resilience Against Cloud Disconnection,” Tam is the first author on the publication “Towards a Resilient Smart Home,” which won the best paper award at the ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Workshop on Internet of Things Security and Privacy. Smart City Cyber Resilience is his first book. Tam lives in Vancouver with his wife and son.


Tam Thanh Doan

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