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Basic English - Rukwangali Dictionary cover

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    • Namibia,
    • Rukwangali language,
    • vocabularies

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Basic English - Rukwangali Dictionary
by David Kudumo Ausiku

Although, I am 88 old now and start forgetting much of the things, I am happy with what I did to help others in their life. The target audience of the dictionary are Rukwangali and English-speaking people most of which live in the southern Angola and Northern Namibia region. The dictionary is written for any age group, the main theme is educational and informative. The audience are most likely Rukwangali speaking persons who would rely on the dictionary as a direct guide for translation. The dictionary is written in American English. The key learning outcomes of the book would be to strengthen the readers command of English and Rukwangali and hopefully impart somewhat of a cultural experience. Main objective of the book to provide the reader the ability to translate Rukwangali to English and pronunciation. Any Rukwangali speaker who’s anything from as passing interest to a serious commitment to learn English should buy the book. The region where Rukwangali is mostly spoken in is quickly developing a tourism industry and would benefit from the locals being able to communicate effectively with tourists. This book is mainly a guide and reference. It could be used in educational institutions as supplementary material to the language courses being offered. Previous dictionary sold by the author David Ausiku were sold to some schools/students and the expectation is the same with this dictionary. This dictionary would also appeal to the younger generation if it were offered as an e-book as well.

I am Kudumo Amutenya Ausiku with two given names David and Lyangurungunda. I am a Namibian (former South West Africa) born at Mupini near the border of Angola and Namibia. I am not an academician with European knowledge but with past African insight. That means natural knowledge of how things come to be. In Namibia, I only completed standard six (6) in 1959 and caught up in politics against Apartheid System of former South Africa Government. Moving there and there, I learnt many things including languages. As a result of that, I ended up acquiring basic knowledge of writing English words in alphabetical order from all my English-Rukwangali handwritten vocabulary books before I challenged grade 12 at Yukon College, Whitehorse where I live. My idea of compiling the Basic English - Rukwangali Dictionary from my hand-written vocabulary books I did, was to update myself not to forget my Rukwangali language, and to make this book available to many people, especially to the Rukwangali students who want to learn English. From this Basic English – Rukwangali Dictionary I also managed to compile many other educational dictionaries in different languages with the purpose of helping all students and ordinary people.


David Kudumo Ausiku

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