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Fictionalized memoir, Homeopathic medicine, Feminism, Canadian memoir, Pandemic Controversies, Healing Arts, Life Changes

Keep Your Chin Up
by Renee Sagebear Albrecht

The year is 2020—the onset of a global pandemic. As officials around the world begin imposing lockdown protocols, billions of people are finding themselves locked in their homes, isolated from their communities and the connections that sustain their well-being. Sage is one such person.

In an effort to keep herself sane, Sage begins to write. When a friend tells her about the London Writers Hour, Sage sees a chance to impart community into her isolation. Over the next two years, Sage attends virtual weekday writing workshops through which she uncovers secrets of her past she had tried to forget and wounds that never healed. From her teenage pregnancy to her successful career in homeopathic medicine, Sage is left with a story she wants to remember—her story. With Sage’s choice to contact a publisher, what started as a daily writing practice evolves into a door to Sage’s past and future. Can she heal fractured friendships? Can she move forward from events that have been holding her still? Can she rebuild her community in such isolating times?

Keep Your Chin Up is Renee Sagebear Albrecht’s fictionalized memoir about female friendships, creativity, and the journey of healing.

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From the same author that brought you Whittling and Swapping (Sagebear Institute, 2015), Renee Sagebear Albrecht presents Keep Your Chin Up. A fictionalized memoir, Keep Your Chin Up is a culmination of Renee’s life’s work, packed with treasures and tools that support the journey through life.

A homeopathic practitioner since 2007, Renee belongs to the Maritime Society of Homeopaths, the Canadian Homeopathic Association, and the Canso Library Resource Society, through which she exercises her passion for community development. Prior to her private practice, Sage did this through the ownership of a feminist bookstore for over sixteen years. Also a mother, life partner, friend, and seeker of knowledge, Renee can be found painting and taking photographs in the woods and along the shores of Canso, Nova Scotia.

For more of Renee’s work, follow her on Facebook at Renee Sagebear.


Renee Sagebear Albrecht

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