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Love poems, Poetry and prose, Inspirational poems, Poems of life and grief, Policing stories, COVID pandemic, Mental health support

Fragments of Life
Poetry and Prose of Edward Bicket
by Edward Bicket

Fragments of Life is an emotionally filled, eclectic collection of personal essays, poems, and prose of life and love. Edward Bicket is a romanticist, whose emotions were manacled during his 35-year career as a police officer. Those suppressed emotions have been poured into this book through his poems of love and light, grief, darkness, and humor. Experience his incredible connection with nature, and love for people. His care and compassion are on full display as he also brings you written pieces for inspiration and support. Join him on a journey through life from dawn to sunset as he extracts many colorful fragments of life from his darkness, shares himself with you, and puts his vulnerabilities on full display to entertain and move your emotions. Witness the world through his eyes and life experiences, and see the darkness he forever carries from his dedicated service as a police officer, and the darkness he now endures in a life of isolation, following his near-death experience from COVID-19. This book shares many fragments of Edward Bicket’s life but will have you reminiscing on your life as well. A book to connect deeply with, as it is intimate, emotional, and entertaining. Written with purity and honesty, and spattered with self-deprecating humor. Follow his heart into the book where his emotions and fragments of his life are waiting for you. These personal essays, poems, and prose will part the clouds and bring warmth and sunshine to the soul. From his darkness and isolation, he has pulled the light and love from within and brings it to you in his first book titled . . . Fragments of Life.

Edward Bicket is a romanticist, humanitarian, and retired police officer from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. His life has been dedicated to volunteer work and helping others, doing random acts of kindness, and always seeking ways to please others. Being the consummate professional in his policing career, he needed to suppress his emotions. It was a necessary mechanism to deal with the daily challenges of policing, and also important for him to be a symbol of strength to others around him, as he carried various leadership roles. Finally able to relax his emotional fortitude upon retiring, he openly places his vulnerabilities on display and releases his emotions into the page to share with the world. He is a gentle, caring man, that welcomed the challenge of facing danger and all evils of the job. He always led by example, would put himself at the front of any dangerous situation, could never turn his head away from something wrong or inappropriate, and has walked through life offering his hand to anyone in need. After his long tumultuous marriage, and a 35-year career in Policing, he abruptly retreated from the immense stress his previous life had brought upon him and embarked on a romantic journey. In early 2020, the global pandemic forced him into isolation after a near-death experience from contracting COVID-19. The prolonged isolation took him to a dark place, but his love for humanity did not wane, nor did his desire to bring happiness and sunshine to others, so he turned to his passion for writing to pour his emotions out upon the page. With the pandemic raging, and his health weakened from the virus, he recognized twilight was upon him and embarked on a tireless journey of writing, to release his emotions, before the final curtain fell.


Edward Bicket

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