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Christian faith, prayer, Bible study, Christian missions, pastoral ministry, Christian church, Christian leadership

From Under the Banana Tree
Daily Inspirations to Strengthen Your Grip, Sharpen Your Focus, and Anchor Your Steps for a Life full of God and Adventure.
by Dr. Kim Pensinger

Quiet your spirit and settle in each day for some intimate, healing, and reviving time with the Lord. Along with your Bible and prayer journal, bring Dr. Kim Pensinger’s latest offering, From Under the Banana Tree, a collection of 365 daily inspirations gleaned from personal experience and a passionate searching of God’s Word. From the hills of Vermont to the streets of Argentina, Dr. Kim shares on the faithfulness, love, and sovereignty of our great God.

Not your average devotional, From Under the Banana Tree also contains moments of humour and succulent recipes that will delight family and friends. These readings will inspire you to step out in faith, try something new, and rest in God’s care and compassion for you. Each topic is developed in detail, with lessons and tips to help you apply the truth of scripture to your life on a daily basis.

Although Dr. Kim speaks directly to church leaders at times, this devotional will be a blessing to pastors, missionaries, and laity alike. As your spirit is renewed, you will develop the strength and the vision to share God’s love, truth, and Good News with those around you.

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From the scorching Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona to the frigid, sub-artic climes of Northern Ontario, from Buenos Aires, the sophisticated capital of Argentina, to San Diego, California, and from the stormy Green Mountains of Vermont to the island paradise of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Kim Pensinger has passionately pursued and served the purpose of God for his life.

Dr. Kim is a trail blazer! He’s a church planter, missionary, pastor, mentor to future pastors, educator, author, Christian musician, and conference speaker. In the 1990s, he traveled to three continents delivering Jonathan Edwards’s famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” in period costume. He founded and is president and CEO of Dominican Advance, a non-profit that creates hope and a brighter future for thousands of impoverished families in the Dominican Republic through high quality, semi-private Christian education. In From under the Banana Tree, he shares Spirit-anointed insight into the scriptures from his own experience with classic clarity and power. Dr. Kim doesn’t hold back, so you won’t hold on to anything that would keep you from fulfilling God’s dream for your life.

He and his wife, Josie, live in Tucson, Arizona. They have three adult children who served with the family on the mission field in Latin America. Dr. Kim’s two other excellent books, The Big Cookie Proposition and Getting Your Message Across are also available through FriesenPress.


Dr. Kim Pensinger
Foreword by
Waylon Sears

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