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Our Walk with Grandma
Nurturing Family and Multigenerational Bonds Through the Beauty of Nature
by Dolores F. Kurzeka

Discover the bond that blossoms between grandma and her grandkids in this heartwarming story. Journey alongside as they explore nature’s beauty, uncovering fascinating facts about the flowers, trees, birds, and animals they encounter. This captivating story does more than entertain—it teaches, inspires, and fosters family connections. It’s a grandmother’s gift of love and knowledge wrapped in a storybook adventure. “Our Walk with Grandma” is a treasure that families can cherish together. Take the first step—open the book, and let the adventure unfold!

“This is an absolutely beautiful book with incredible illustrations... I would certainly recommend this book as a must-have for any child’s bookshelf.” —Joanna P.A. Moore, Author, “Love is The Gift”

Dolores F. Kurzeka was a dedicated mother, brilliant artist and interior designer who loved sharing the beautiful side of life with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She always looked for teachable moments, especially on walks and car rides, and favored counting games. In her honor, butterflies were placed throughout the book for the reader to find and count. As a world traveler, Dolores loved an adventure whether on a continent far, far away or somewhere close to home. She preferred window seats so she could appreciate the magnificent views and different colors of landscapes. If Dolores wasn’t traveling, being creative, or cooking for family and friends, she could be found playing card games, reading books, or watching Jeopardy. This beautiful book was illustrated and published after Dolores passed away from Covid-19 in January 2021. Her entire family misses her and the joy she brought to them all.


Dolores F. Kurzeka
Nichole Monahan

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