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workplace sexual harassment, bullying, #metoo, hostile work environment, toxic work culture, gaslighting

Workplace Sexual Harassment, Backlash, Bullying and Gaslighting: A Memoir
by K. Koslowsky-Jones

Compelled uniquely contributes to the current conversation about workplace sexual harassment, and discusses the backlash, bullying and gaslighting behaviours which often follow. Its theoretical, legal and historical overview provides context in understanding the complexity of this pervasive organizational problem.

Drawing on academic research and learned experience, the author provides a detailed account that is both personal and procedural, enabling readers to relate the facts, contexts and high-profile cases to her own experience of sexual harassment and decades long battle working within a toxic environment.

This book makes clear that each individual case of workplace sexual harassment and the associated fallout is part of a larger pattern of systemic inequality that exists on multiple levels, from companies and unions, to the legal system itself. Compelled gives voice to an experience many victims are too fearful to name, answering #MeToo’s call to fight the stigma of speaking out.

"This book has a lot of really powerful stuff. It shows how actual cases of harassment and abuse play out and how people actually act in these circumstances . . . It provides deep and comprehensive insight into a toxic workplace, where petty personal loyalties were valued more than good work."

—DOUGALD LAMONT, Member of the Legislative Assembly and Leader of the Liberal Party of Manitoba.

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For years, the author has thought about writing her story. When society went into a third COVID-19 lockdown in the summer of 2021, she had the time to do so. This book, her first, allowed Ms. Koslowsky-Jones to move forward and rediscover the many beautiful moments life has to offer. The author and her husband continue to actively cycle, and enjoy reading, music, art, travel and sports.


K. Koslowsky-Jones

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