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Racial identity, Diversity, Diverse kids’ books, Ethnic identity, Questions about race, Skin colour, Race

The Mystery of Race
by Rita Bhandari

Open your eyes! Ready your ears! It's time to learn with the Ace Compeers!

The Ace Compeers are back for their second book, this time to learn about the concept of race. And, boy, is race complicated! On the hunt for answers, the Compeers explore the history of the racial categories we use today—and what they learn is more than they expected. Join Manjeet, Basma, Shawn, Sam, and Anita as they uncover the truth about what race really is.

About the Series:

The Ace Compeers are a diverse group of friends committed to learning about the world and helping others. Featuring kid-friendly language and an antiracist framework, the book series models inquiry-based learning to encourage critical thinking and challenge false preconceptions of complex concepts like race. The Ace Compeers series also provides parents, guardians, and educators with additional information and discussion questions to help them facilitate meaningful discussions about race and diversity. For many, these sorts of conversations can be deeply uncomfortable, which is why the information and questions included in these books were created. They take the guesswork and anxiety out of beginning important discussions, making these books excellent resources for parents and guardians, schools, and educational organizations.

From a young age, Rita Bhandari's French Canadian and South Asian background fostered in her a deep curiosity about race. Her biracial identity and lived experiences have fueled her curiosity about the science and history of race and inspired her to become an educator and advocate for equity and inclusion. Rita has been teaching for ten years and earned an Antiracism Certificate from the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, three certificates from the Equity Literacy Institute and a professional Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University. Rita lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and children.


Rita Bhandari
Indra Audipriatna

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