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Lake of the Woods, Off grid living, Canada, Alaskan malamutes, rural migration, Homesteading, Canadian non-fiction

The Pack
Perils and Peace of Nature - Lake of the Woods
by C. Larson

The Pack tells the true story of Connie Larson, who, along with her partner Jim and their Alaskan malamute Sekima, leave behind an unfulfilling urban life and painful past to pioneer a remote island in the beautiful, harsh climate of the Canadian north. There, on Lake of the Woods, Connie and Jim forge ahead against the odds, facing numerous trials—from getting lost in the bush, to falling through the ice, to being hunted by wolves—that test their limits and threaten their survival. But in the face of such hardships, Connie grows ever closer to herself, to Jim, and Sekima—her little “Pack.” With nature as an unrelenting foe and wise teacher, the Pack members grow independently and collectively in trust, resilience, and willingness to receive life’s simple gifts.

From a natural-born storyteller comes a memoir that is suspenseful and wise, carrying readers across windswept winter landscapes, navigating fog, boglands, and dark nights of the soul—ultimately unveiling the greatest terrors and joys on the road to self-discovery.

Connie Larson is a first-time author but a lifelong writer and perpetual scholar of the natural world. An avid fisherwoman, gardener, hunter, cross-country skier, snowshoer, and kayaker, she left city life behind in 1996 and never returned. She holds a degree in Equine Management, owned her own renovation company in Alberta, a prior Executive Director of Lake of the Woods Property Owners Association, a Member of the Metis Nation, and is currently a Certified Residential Appraiser in Missouri, with ownership in the company.

She lives on a lake in New Brunswick with her Pack: her spouse, Jim, and their Alaskan malamute, Nuka.


C. Larson

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