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Nazi Gold - Latitude 55 cover

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Nazi Gold, Nazi Gold Novel, Vatican Gold, German Gold, Gold Treasure Hunt, Adventure Novel, Historical Novel

Nazi Gold - Latitude 55
by A. Jay Collins

In the waning days of World War II, a crafty Sicilian prospector and his mafia associates concoct a scheme to hide tons of Nazi gold, pilfered from their victims, in an aspiring gold mine in the mountains of British Columbia until it is called for.

Decades later, a private organization contracted by a group based in Turkey is determined to find the gold and return it to the countries and the descendants of the people from whom it was stolen. In order to recover it and correct this historic injustice, they’ll have to battle secretive Swiss and German banks, the mafia, and even the Vatican, all of whom are seeking to either cover up their involvement in the crime or racing to reclaim the gold.

"An exhilarating and utterly unbelievable treasure-hunting tale."

—Kirkus Reviews

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A. Jay Collins has spent his working life in the world of heavy industry on projects around the world. His stories are based on firsthand experiences in various locales, with a lot of fiction thrown in. This knowledge lends a distinct flavour to his storytelling, providing it with a strong sense of reality. He currently lives near Vancouver, BC.


A. Jay Collins

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